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Manchester United Player Look Alikes & Doppelgangers

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Chicharito is Santiago Munez (Kuno Becker)
The Dream Begins star Kuno Becker and Javier Hernandez share a great deal of similarities when it comes to looks. Also, in the movie Santiago like Chicharito was a Mexican. In the movie, Santiago was a supersub for Newcastle United and Hernandez is the supersub for Man United and has saved gazillions of points for them, through his late winners. It is very common a movie is produced after someone’s life but vice-versa rarely happens or does it?

David de Gea
David de Gea is Lars Vauler (Norwegian Rapper)
Isn’t it hilarious? Can you even imagine our donut stealing star, De Gea as a rapper? The Spanish shot-stopper looks so much like Lars Vauler. With similar beards, it would be really hard to identify between the rapper and the goalkeeper.

Evra is Robert Ri’chard (Actor)
Robert Ri’chard is an actor who has done a fair share of TV and films. He starred in ‘Coach Carter’ and ‘House of Wax’ and is a doppelganger of one of the most jolliest persons in the United dressing room in Patrice Evra.

Phil Jones
Phil Jones is Stephen Lewis (Blakey from On the Buses)
I used to wonder where he learnt to show off those brilliant, unseen facial expressions. Now I got the answer. Admit it, we all love Phil Jones’ hilariously weird game faces, and well…doesn’t this look similar?

Anderson is T-Pain (Rapper)
Yes, it was hard to imagine De Gea as a rapper, but how about Anderson? I can genuinely see Anderson as a very cool rapper. He’s got the looks, the facial expressions and he definitely looks talented.

Rooney is Aaron Ashmore (Actor)
Smallville’s Aaron Ashmore has uncanny similarities with Wayne Rooney in the department of looks (a little less than Shrek of course) though it would be unfair to compare the talents both possess. Rooney is just brilliant.

Nemanja Vidic is Sam Warburton (Rugby Player)
Both are hard men of their respective games. They are strong, hard tacklers and the kind of people you wouldn’t want to mess with.

NaniNani is Michael Jackson (King of Pop)
The image of MJ is from his super hit music video ‘Thriller’ in which he looks a lot like the Portuguese winger Nani.

Ashley Young
Ashley Young is Jamie Hector (Actor)
Hector and Young are so similar that it is hard to believe they are not one. Actually, it may be possible that Young is a winger by the day and acts in movies at night.

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